4 Reasons To Move To The Great State Of Texas

Texas is famous and loved for many things, from larger-than-life fun to great food to beautiful sandy beaches, but beyond the tourist attractions and tall tales, there are endless reasons to move here. If you’re considering packing up your belongings and making a trip to Texas to call it home, here are just four things that reinforce your decision as the right one:

1. The Job Situation

If you’re like countless Americans, you don’t necessarily feel comfortable with your job outlook; however, in Texas, things are looking up. It’s one of the fastest growing economies in the country and with the diversity of industries, you’re not going to be stuck in the same dead-end position forever, like you might be in other places.

2. The Tax Appeal

Texas is one of only a few states that don’t impose a personal income tax. Wow! Depending on the rate of personal income tax where you currently live, that could mean a whole lot more money in your pocket, which could lead to owning bigger, cooler things or beefing up your savings account, just for a rainy day.

3. Better, Cheaper Housing

Some cities, such as Seattle or San Diego are experiencing a serious housing crunch, particularly when it comes to affordable homes and apartments. Not so in Texas, where housing is a rising industry, even for those on a tight budget.

4. Texas Is Certified Family-Friendly

If you’ll have a family in tow on your way down here, expect nothing but the best for them, too. A decent home, rented or mortgaged can be found, but your kids can also look forward to exceptional schools, where students tend to score above average on national testing. With so many families moving here, Texas has built up many family-friendly communities that offer numerous things to do in a safe and prosperous environment.

Once you’re one of the lucky people who can call Texas home, you’ll discover a million and one reasons why it’s one of the best states in the country. Beyond the hype of being “bigger” and “badder”, this state boasts many real and valid reasons why anyone would want to seek their happily ever after here.