A Couple Things You Should Do In Plano TX This Spring

Most people know that the weather in Texas can get extremely hot, especially if you are anywhere around Dallas. Temperatures can exceed 100°, and that’s why traveling to a city like Plano is always better to go to during the spring. There are places that are designed for both adults and kids. There are natural preserves, landmarks and parks. There are even a few museums that you might want to go to. Here are some activities that you can do once you get to Plano TX.

Arbor Hills Nature Preserve

This is a beautiful 200 acre park which has a built-in trail system. It also has a picnic area, playground, and a pavilion. You could literally spend all day their if you wanted to, and it has beautiful sites that you can see as you hike or bike around the park.

Interurban Railway Museum

This is a Railway Museum where you can learn about how this used to be a train station that was used long ago. It will have information on the location, as well as events that you can attend, to learn more about the influence of the railroad in this community.

The Shops At Willow Bend

Finally, you will be able to do a lot of shopping at this location. You may want to go there if you are thinking about getting souvenirs for people that are waiting for them when you get back from your vacation into Texas. It’s a cute little area, designed with small shops that will have everything that you will need to bring back with you from your trip.

These are locations that you should consider visiting once you get to Plano. You can also head down to Dallas and spend a little bit of time there if you want. However, if your main goal is to experience life in this city, you now know a couple of places that you can go in order to do fun things that will appeal to people of all ages.