Famous Landmarks in Texas

When it comes to the south, there are few states as unique as Texas. In this article, we will discuss some of the most famous landmarks located in this state.

1. The Alamo

A list of famous landmarks in Texas would not be complete without mentioning The Alamo. The Alamo is located where one of the most bloody battles in Texas’ history occurred. Today, the site can be toured and visitors can pay homage to those who lost their lives fighting for our freedom.


The USS TEXAS was a Navy battleship that saw action in both of the World Wars decades ago. Today, it is a museum, and in fact, this battleship was the first to be turned into a museum. Touring the USS TEXAS and being able to envision the action that those men who served saw is a humbling experience indeed.

3. Texas State Capitol

The Texas State Capitol is located in the city of Austin. This state’s capitol is large and beautiful, inspiring awe from visitors and residents alike.

4. San Jacinto Battlefield

Another landmark that should be seen due to its contribution to Texas’ history is the San Jacinto Battlefield. It marks the site of the battle that officially won Texas its independence from Mexico, making any residents of the state and country proud to be an American citizen.

In conclusion, Texas is a state that bears a highly unique history. The famous landmarks that are located throughout the state attest to that fact. Residents and visitors alike are sure to be able to feel the power of these landmarks and stand in awe while viewing them. If you have not done so already, take the time to view these famous landmarks. You’ll be sure to never forget the experience.