Plano Texas Restaurants That Will Not Disappoint You on Your Travels

Plano, Texas wasn’t one of the cities mentioned in the other Texas articles I wrote. I’ll give you the reason why. There are so many great cities in that enormous state that it is hard to remember them all. Plano is a great place for your Texas travels, and it is home to 731 restaurants according to a popular travel review site. Seasons 52 is up there on the list, but you know that is a chain if you do much traveling. Take these top three picks for restaurants in Plano TX with you as you get ready to experience the city and have some fun.

Babe’s Chicken Dinner House sounds like a great place to get a bite to eat. It is located on Belt Line Road, and it is known for its chicken fried steak. That is my absolute favorite food to eat in the entire world, how about you? The establishment is also known for its bread pudding, pot roast, and oh yes, biscuits. Doesn’t that just sound like the most delicious food?

Next up in Plano is Jasper’s. Jasper’s is located on Bishop Road, and it is all about the brunch. Yet, you are talking delicious prime rib and so much more according to the reviews. Talk about diversity. Crab cakes are another one of the menu highlights. Okay, we have one more restaurant for you to make sure you visit while in Plano TX.

It is Kenny’s Italian Kitchen, and it is located on Belt Line Road. We haven’t​ featured many Italian restaurants in Texas, but there are some good ones. This is one, and it is certainly​ a place o stop in Plano. The picture of the lasagna is absolutely mouth watering. Now get ready for your trip to Plano, and keep these three top restaurants in mind. They will not disappoint.