Top Two Destinations in Plano Tx

Would you like to go to Plano TX this year? If you have ever been to Dallas, you have likely seen the signs that with direct you to this city. It is primarily in Collin County, and as a population of over 1/4 million people. There are many activities that you can do with friends and family. Let’s look at some of the top destinations that tourists will visit once they arrive.

Historic Downtown Plano

This is a place in the Arts District, one that has live music, shops, and excellent places to eat. It is a more authentic look at how the city used to be, and you can take part in the different venues and events that happen every day. You can head over to the historic buildings, Haggard Park, or head over to the Plano Station Dart Rail. All of these things are available once you get into this area of Plano which is representative of how the city was long before urban modernization.

Heritage Farmstead Museum

If you are into museums, you can head over to this one. There are many events and programs that you can take part in. You can go through the Fun on the Farm exhibit where kids will learn all about the different birds on the Farmstead, and they can also enjoy a fun craft project plus a wagon ride.

These two destinations are perfect for people that are traveling with families. There are also destinations for adults such as the Taverna Rossa where you can get great pizza and beer. It’s a destination you need to go to at least once as you are driving to Texas. It’s a city that will impress you, and may even motivate you to come back in the following years.