Why Plano, Tx Is Growing

Plano Texas is located just 20 miles south of Dallas and has a population of a little under 280,000 people. But despite this little town being considerably smaller than its close neighbor it is given Dallas a run for its money when it comes to new jobs. The slogan for this city is ‘A Great Place To Do Business’.

This city has already managed to attract companies such as Frito-Lay, JCPenney’s, PepsiCo, and even Bank of America. If that wasn’t enough, Toyota will be placing their American headquarters there in the coming months. Companies like Fannie Mae and JP Morgan Chase are also transferring part of their operations to Plano.

What Makes Plano Texas Special?

In big cities such as Dallas which is only 20 miles away, everyone has to deal with the issues that are common to big cities. But Plano is considered one of the best cities in America to raise a family. With a very low unemployment rate and with an overabundance of high-quality jobs available, it makes this a great place to live.

Unlike other small towns where most of the population was born there, Plano is a town that is highly diverse. Because of the jobs that have moved in during the last several years, and those that are moving in in the coming month’s many people have moved to Plano from other places. This makes it very diverse. The city’s robotic team even managed to go to a world championship recently.

With all its new jobs and it’s advanced technology Plano not only looks to the future but also to the past. They offer special incentives for those who are renovating older homes and reinvigorating the downtown area. If you are looking to relocated this might be the perfect city for you to consider.